The Best of Beautiful France for Tourists & French for Beginners (Travel Guide Box Set) (Volume 3) Review

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Learn French

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“This book shares an information on how to enjoy and take advantage of your visit to France. Nicely laid out and is back-to-back with another book that will help you start learning the French language as this aids you how to interact and make the most out of your vacation in France without having any language barrier. Regardless if you’re visiting France or not, this book is a good reference to understand the culture and arts of France.”

“For those lucky enough to actually visit France and those who are planning to visit, this book is definitely a must-have. And for those who can only dream, there is no better way but to READ a book like this! Worth it! Au Revoir!”

“If you want to travel to France for vacations then I would suggest you take advantage of this box set as it will help you with the language and the visit. We all know that the best way to enjoy a foreign country is to be able to communicate in the native language even if not fluently, you will get to learn much more about the places that way and also improve your language. The book also covers the best places to shop, eat, hotels, and sights to see while you are over there. So if you don’t have a clue, get one with this book.”

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