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Learn To Speak French

Learn To Speak French

System Requirements
Platform: Windows 98 / Me / 95
Media: CD-ROM

Four complete courses cover 100 exercises, including pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Other features include the Personalized Learning System; Pre-Assessment Test; Customized Study Plan; Subject-Specific Study Topics; Progress Tracking; Exclusive Interactive Lessons; Exclusive Online Access, providing in-depth “real world” learning experiences; Language Study Group; and Personal Tutor.

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I have had this cd-rom for approximately 4 months now and I am coming close to being very fluent en francais. It offers 3 complete courses, boasting vocabulary builders, lessons in grammar and verb conjugation, games to reinforce what you have learned and you can also have conversations with virtual characters so that you can practice speaking. I am engaged to a Frenchman and I just keep surprising him with how much I have learned. I go to France frequently, and this has made a huge difference in my linguistic skills. Future Francophiles (persons who love french language and culture), Good luck.

This program is excellent value for the money. It provides a huge amount of material which will bring you up to the equivalent of a first year college French course at least on a conversational level. Previously, it did not work with Windows 2000, but there is now an easy to install patch. If you are thinking of travelling to France and have about 2 – 3 months to get through the course, this will provide you a basic level of French for getting around. I know, because that is what I did.

This course was very helpfull in helping me to learn French. I have purchased many French learning software and this is the best one yet. I really like the conversation CD where you are able to conversate with people at a party and they answer according to what you say out of the given list of options. This course started out very basic and is helping me to work my way up. The dictionary is helpfull also.

Learn To Speak French

Learn To Speak French

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