Learn French with Stories: 7 Short Stories For Beginner and Intermediate Students Review

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Learn French with Stories

Learn French with Stories

If you cannot easily visit a French speaking country and immerse yourself in the French language, reading is one of your best alternatives.

A painless and effective way to absorb the French Language.

Reading has long been proven to be one of the most effective ways of learning a foreign language. By studying in this way, you should be able to improve your French without the monotonous chore of memorising (memorizing) grammar. These eBooks cover a diverse range of grammatical structures (description, casual conversation, useful vocabulary).

No dictionary necessary

Each story is broken down – with French and English Glossary.
“Même si Laura est trop mauvaise cuisinière, et qu’elle est habituée à se nourrir uniquement de surgelés. Elle ne souhaite pas rater l’occasion de revoir toute sa famille. Elle réfléchit beaucoup mais ne trouve pas de solution.”
est habitué = get used se nourrir = feed uniquement = only surgelés = frozen food rater l’occasion = miss the opportunity réfléchit = think
No painful back and forth process of continually searching for definitions or translation.

Recommended for beginner and intermediate level learners of French.

However, a basic understanding of French would be highly recommended to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness. Perfect for anyone who wants to brush up their French language skills.

Improve your listening.

Practice your pronunciation and your listening with the MP3! (70 minutes/ read by a French Native Speaker).

Never forget the vocabulary again.

Some Customer Reviews

Recommend for intermediate learners

I would suggest this book for French learners that are more in the intermediate stage instead of beginner. It is extremely helpful for learning phrases and words that you could actually use abroad but if you’re very new to French there would be sections where you miss parts of the story. Overall, I loved that the book is a series of stories as it feels more interesting and keeps the reader involved and wanting to know the next part. The layout is very clean and easy to read. It doesn’t feel cluttered or confusing.

Great for building up vocabulary

I have learnt French on and off for many years. As a result I have more than a basic knowledge of the language but have also forgotten much between periods of learning. I like to read to improve my French but it is difficult to find books that are right for my level; not too hard but still challenging enough to help me improve. I found this book helpful because it was the right mix of those two things. I particularly liked the running vocabulary alongside the text, I found it to be of great assistance for words and phrases I didn’t know and it meant that I didn’t have to read with a dictionary beside me, constantly looking up words. It was also a good length, not too long but not too short like some similar ebooks are. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who has some prior knowledge of French and is looking to improve their skill level, whilst picking up some essential french phrases.

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