French for Beginners: The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak French!

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French for Beginners 2nd Edition; The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak French!

French is considered as one of the languages that is widely learned all over the world. There is a high likelihood that you are already familiar with some French phrases and words. Because of the French invasion in England during the eleventh century, the French language has given significant contributions to the English vocabulary. This means that even if you are not actively learning French but is adept in English, you are already using a lot of French words without you knowing.

Because of hundreds of years of interaction with the British and because of common ancient forefathers, French has offered English-speakers a fairly easy path to conversing using a different language. French and English share several similarities in sentence construction. You may even realize that a lot of French and English words have similar sounds. The limited French sounds may still be familiar to you because of movies and TV shows.

Some of these unique French sounds include the silent “h” and the gruff “r” sound; but this does not completely mean that everything you watch and hear on TV is totally accurate. Still, being able to adopt the French accent you have acquired from watching movies can help you a lot while learning the language.

Even if French is remotely related to the English language, it is more generally compared to other Romance languages such us Spanish and Italian. All these three languages were created from the Latin language used by the Romans during their invasions in 1 B.C.; but despite their common origin, the evolution of the French language is different from the evolution of Italian and Spanish (which still share a lot of similarities even up to today).

Currently, there are around thirty countries who name French as one of their official languages. In Canada, French is commonly used in the Quebec region only. While in Belgium, French is used in the Southern area only. The spread of the French language can be partly explained by the colonization of several nations in the Pacific, Africa and the Caribbean by France. On top of that, the French language was actually used as the official language for international diplomacy until the initial years of the twentieth century when the English language took over. Here Is A Preview Of What Is Inside… The French LanguagePronunciation Tools for Building Phrases Basic Vocabulary Words and PhrasesSocializing in French Much, much more! Purchase your copy today!

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Customer Reviews

and it is freaking amazing, I have been learning French in an easy …

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 on September 8, 2015
By Reinaldo
I read this book few days ago, and it is freaking amazing, I have been learning French in an easy way with this book. It’s been particularly good to have it electronically because I dip in and out of the lessons at a moment’s notice. Later this year, I have to travel to France so I’ve bought a few books, but have found this to be the most helpful (especially compared to some of the overwhelming French language tomes). Not only do you get lots of English pronunciation so that you are literally speaking French as soon as you open the book, you get a great guide for taking your learning further. There are many tips and pieces of advice that are helpful for anyone wanting to learn French. I like the style of this book and feel that it’s worth picking up and clicking up. 100% recommended to all.

A very good book for learning french completely perfect.

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 on September 9, 2015
By Jose
A very good book for learning french completely perfect, all verbs, applications to better learn french are in this book, really struck me the cover and it was a book of Getaway Guides, because previously I had bought a book this manufacturer, which will take a lot of confidence, produces very good books. I recommend it to everyone, it is a very good book and not be afraid Getaway Guides is one of the best manufacturers for me.

I like

 on August 4, 2016
By Amazon Customer
3 words: I like it

Five Stars

 on June 29, 2016
By Ashley Fronk

Five Stars

 on April 4, 2016
By Third Platoon
Excellent condition.

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